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SBUnfurled and Friends Episode 25: The Davidson Double

After a brief segment from ODNN (One Dayton News Network), SBUnfurled and Friends celebrates with an instant reaction after the Bonnies escape from North Carolina and earn their second win over Davidson in four days!

Lil Bona X and SBUnfurled break down the keys to victory in both games and how they (relatively) contained Davidson's sharpshooters (3:43). The guys then get you ready for the two teams that stand in the way of the Bonnies and their first Atlantic 10 outright regular season title.

First, the mayhem is finally coming to the Reilly Center and the guys talk about how George Washington will be trickier than you might think at first (23:28). Then, we talk about Dayton, who followed up blowing out one of the best Atlantic 10 teams by... getting blown out by the worst team in the conference while we recorded this (33:09). Finally, we take a look at what all of this means for SBU's Atlantic 10 and NCAA tournament chances (39:57).

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