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Meet Melvin Council Jr.

The Bonnies picked up a commitment from Wagner transfer Melvin Council Jr., a 6’4” guard from Rochester, NY. Council’s college career started in junior college at Monroe College. Over his two years at Monroe, he averaged 21.2 points and 3.6 assists and became Monroe’s all time leading scorer. During his sophomore year at Monroe, Council was a first team All-American.

In his one year at Wagner, Council averaged 14.9 points, 5.7 rebounds, and 3.5 assists, and was awarded All-NEC first team honors along with NEC All-Tournament Team. In the Seahawks First Four win over Howard, Council had 21 points on 10-18 shooting, 7 assists, 5 rebounds, and 2 steals. Against 1-seed North Carolina in the first round, Council scored 18 points. Council looks to return to the NCAA Tournament with the Bonnies.  I spoke with the new Bona commit about his basketball career and what he looks to bring to the Bonnies this season.

How did you get into basketball? How did you become the player you are now?

“I got into basketball with my parents, my mom and my dad taught me the game. And I just loved it since and never looked back and never looked at another sport. I just love the game of basketball.”

You only played basketball growing up?

“I played basketball and I played tennis in 9th and 10th grade in high school. It was just something to do, keep me going while the season was over.”

How would you describe your time in the transfer portal?

“It was very long, you know I wanted to see what school was going to be the right fit. Me and my junior college coach, coach Pat Dame, helped me figure out what school is going to fit my game. And it took some time but it was good at the end of the day.”

Why was Bonaventure the right fit?

“Because it’s close to home and I feel like the coaching staff could take my game to the next level, and when I came on my visit the players embraced me and they had one goal, they wanted to go to March Madness and that’s what I wanted to do again.”

What do you think you can provide for the team from your experience playing in March Madness, succeeding and playing well?

“I can provide leadership, and tell them defense wins games. No matter what you do on offense, it's next play because defense and rebounding is always going to win games. So I can just play that leadership role.”

What have you heard about playing in the Reilly Center and about the program?

“I heard playing in the Reilly Center it gets loud, very loud and the crowd is outstanding. I’m looking forward to seeing the crowd, because when the crowd is loud my energy gets to the next level, and I feel like I can dunk on people and stuff like that.”

Coach Schmidt described you as “A long athletic scoring guard who can put the ball in the basket at all three levels.” What part of your game do you think fans will enjoy the most?

“The fans are going to enjoy the most, probably when I go by somebody, make a pass or dunk on someone. They are going to enjoy that the most. So really my game around and in the paint.”

Do you model your game after any NBA players you like watching?

“I won’t say I model my game after anyone, but my intensity comes from Kobe Bryant because that’s my favorite player. Defense-wise, Pat Bev and Jimmy Butler because at the end of the day everybody got to tie their shoe the same so I look at everybody the same I don’t care what type of rank you were, nothing like that.”

What’s an underrated part of your skillset people might be surprised by?

“I’d say my pull up game, because people think I can just drive but I’ve got a nice pull up game, especially up in the middle or elbow area.”

What do you want to work on most this upcoming season?

“Definitely working on my jumpshot and my three point arch. Overall I just want to be better than last year at being consistent.”

Do you have anything you want fans to know about you as a person or a player?

“I just want them to know I’m a goofy person. I live, sleep and breathe basketball and that it’s going to be a fun time watching me play.”


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