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Episode 22: The Schmidty Awards

It's the 1st anniversary of SBUnfurled and Friends and no expense was spared to bring in some enormous guests for this special: Stugotz and Greg Cote from The Dan LeBatard Show! Lil Bona X and SBUnfurled break down the Bonnies dominant win over George Mason (4:32). We also celebrate our first year with the debut of The Schmidty Awards (10:02)! Our first three categories are Best A10 Fan, Best Segment and Best Fake Mark Schmidt.

Here's where you can vote on the first three Schmidty Award categories:

Before getting into the showdown against Saint Louis, the guys take a quick call from someone who's a little too reckless with all the WallStreetBets action on the stock market (20:14). Then, we're joined by Zac Miller from The House That Rick Built podcast to get ready for Saturday's Bonnies-Billikens matchup (23:23).

After some more words for his most hated Bonnie, Miller explains why the Richmond-SLU game was postponed (30:53). Then, he and SBUnfurled state their cases for why the Evil Bills or the Bonnies will win (38:00).

You can also now leave voice messages if you'd like to be on the pod! You can talk about anything, the Bonnies, what you ate for lunch. The more random, the better! Click this link to leave your message:

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