SBUnfurled Unfurls: A look into the Bonnies' guards

Leading up to the 2022-23 season, each week we will be examining one of the position groups of the new-look St. Bonaventure Bonnies on SBUnfurled.


The guard group for the Bonnies is stacked with collegiate playing experience, none of which being for SBU however. This year's two team captains come from the backcourt group, Daryl Banks III of Saint Peter's Peacocks NCAA tournament lore, as well as Moses Flowers who has already started 66 games at the DI level.

The makeup of this group will see a large volume of minutes, allowing the majority to gain considerable playing experience for the Bonnies immediately.

To gain further insight into how the guards may make an initial impact, lets take a look at each guard, including notes on potential rotations as well as some recent updates on individual performance and injury news.

Daryl Banks III

One of the more recognizable faces on this year's Bonnies after his role in St. Peter's improbable elite eight run last season as a 15-seed, Banks was his team's leading scorer last season, notably dropping a whopping 27 point performance in the Peacock's historic upset over Kentucky.

Banks comes to the Bonnies with two years of eligibility remaining and will immediately serve as a team captain, as well as the team's de facto leader out of the gate.

He's been a high volume player throughout his college career, averaging over 26 minutes per game, and we'll continue to see the same for Banks with Bona's.

What can we expect Banks to bring on the court for the Bonnies?

In addition to his overall collegiate and NCAA tournament experience, he'll be able to generate offense in numerous ways. Banks is a career 35 percent 3-point shooter, including close to 37 percent last season, as well as a 5-for-8 night from deep in that lights out performance against Kentucky.

On top of his ability to catch fire from the field on any given night, Banks is strong driving towards the basket, able to finish at the rim or stop on a dime and put up a floater that he's seen go in so many times. Even though he isn't a primary ball handler, he may find himself in some opportunities to run the point depending on the lineup on the floor, as coach Mark Schmidt will oftentimes want to get the ball into Banks' hands.

Banks will also add off-ball movement on the floor for the Bonnies, forcing defenders to always give him attention. If he catches near defenders ball-watching, Banks has shown an ability to quickly cut to the hoop for an easy score.

We're all excited to see how Banks builds upon his prior playing experience and helps lead the Bonnies this season. It's safe to say that he's looking to put the new-look Bonnies on the map, just as he did for St. Peter's last season.

Kyrell Luc

Luc, who reportedly impressed at the team's recent secret scrimmage, is expected to be Banks' bandmate in the Bonnies starting backcourt. The pairing should see a large volume of minutes alongside each other, pending any staggering or potential foul trouble that may be run into on specific nights.

During his freshman season at Holy Cross, Luc started every game and averaged over 32 minutes a night. This large role at the collegiate level will help with the transition to a similar role during his first season with SBU.

As a scorer, Luc averaged 13 points per game during his freshman season, shooting 39 percent from the field and over 35 percent from three. Also to note, Luc will likely be the Bonnies preferred option at the free throw line, especially in clutch time, as he went 19 for 20 from the line during clutch situations last season.

This season, it's likely that Luc will be the primary ball handler, with Banks possibly handling those duties when Luc is off the floor. Luc's speed and athleticism wi