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SBUnfurled and Friends Episode 5: It's Always Empty in Gola Arena

It's our fifth episode of SBUnfurled and Friends, and there are only three games left before Brooklyn. Bona Commenter and SBUnfurled talk about our chances to get a double-bye and 3-seed after a win against Richmond and loss to Duquesne. The guys also go into detail about what happened and went wrong against the Dukes (3:28).

Differences between our performances against Richmond and Duquesne are explored, as well as some free throw shooting woes (14:47). We talk about 80's Weekend and Bona Commenter and Captain Beer quiz current Bona students on 80's trivia (19:53).

A Banned Wagoner infiltrates our phone lines with a web link as we try to break down double bye scenarios (26:39), and we talk about how parts of the bracket could shake out in Brooklyn (31:39).

We get into our next game against La Salle (34:20) and also have a TBT update, as well as our Final Fourcast for the weekend's A10 games (39:52).

Below is the SoundCloud link to the podcast. Be sure to also follow us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and TuneIn.


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