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SBUnfurled and Friends Episode 4: 80s Weekend with Woj

For 80s Weekend, we're joined by Adrian Wojnarowski, #1 NBA reporter in the world and St. Bonaventure class of 1991! BonaCommenter and SBUnfurled try to explain what exactly happened to the Bonnies in Davidson's huge blowout win in the Reilly Center (2:31).

The guys ask Woj about his time at Bona's, watching basketball and going to downtown Allegany (8:42). He also talks about his favorite SBU basketball memory and breaks down the current team (14:18). Woj also talks about how he watches Bonnies basketball courtside at NBA game and lets everyone at ESPN know where he went to school (21:37).

A surprise guest joins us after Woj to talk about the "Fire Chris Mooney" billboards (33:09). The guys talk about the keys to shutting down Richmond (36:20).

A caller joins in to defend Jon Rothstein in the "LESS with MORE" debate (45:39). Finally, an Unfinished Dreams sequel that's definitely worth losing your money over (51:08).

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