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SBUnfurled and Friends Episode 30: Summertime Schedule Talk

SBUnfurled and Friends are back for an August episode as we get closer to what hopefully will be a historical Bonnies season. The guys discuss Bonaventure's reported new athletic director and what he could hopefully do for the athletic department (2:23). The guys are also joined by Matt Pappano, director of basketball operations for the Bonnies men's team.

Pappano explains the chaos the team faced navigating last season's COVID-altered season en route to an Atlantic 10 title (9:32). He also gets into this season's schedule, including a possible game against UConn, and how some of the new Bonnies are playing in the offseason (40:52). Finally, the guys also talk about their trip to Columbus for the Bona's alumni team playing in its first TBT (1:15:49).

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