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SBUnfurled and Friends Episode 24: The Cats' Pause

This episode of SBUnfurled and Friends gets off to a rough start after it's interrupted by a stalker who REALLY likes geography for some reason. SBUnfurled and Lil Bona X discuss how the Bonnies lost a really close one at VCU (4:37). We also announce the 1st Annual Schmidty Award winners, including at least one surprise (15:32).

The guys are joined by someone despised by many Bona fans after the 2016 A10 Tournament: former Davidson star Jack Gibbs (21:53). We talk about that infamous night in the Barclays Center and how he's gotten hate from Bonnies fans on Twitter at least four years later.

The guys also talk with Gibbs about how his professional career is going, which Southern Conference places are worse to travel to than Olean (ok, ok, St. Bonaventure) and what he would have done if the Browns and Bills played in the AFC Championship. Finally, SBUnfurled and Lil Bona X talk about the keys to the Bonnies winning a huge game against Davidson in the Reilly Center (43:14).

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