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SBUnfurled and Friends Episode 21: Dickie V's Pepto Problem

We celebrate our 21st with some Pepto-Bismol and a regular season sweep of Duquesne! SBUnfurled and Lil Bona X break down last weekend's victory over the Dukes, which was a little closer than the first game (2:51). The guys then talk about how the bench can contribute when the starting five dominates the minutes played (15:24). Lil Bona X then tells you about the first Schmidty Awards (21:22)!

The guys then get you ready for a hastily scheduled George Mason game on Saturday (27:23). Then, we talk about how the A10 tournament is moving to Richmond, despite our sales pitch to have it at Bonaventure (37:33). We cap off the pod with your Final Fourcast on a cold winter across the conference (44:23)!

You can also now leave voice messages if you'd like to be on the pod! You can talk about anything, the Bonnies, what you ate for lunch. The more random, the better! Click this link to leave your message:

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