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SBUnfurled and Friends Episode 20: St. Dunkaventure

An instant reaction podcast after a tremendous second half surge by the Bonnies to crush VCU! After hearing from one of the most reviled VCU fans, SBUnfurled reads some halftime tweets when many Bonnies fans were giving up hope (3:03). The guys then break down the keys to that victory over the Rams and if there is a new Iron Five forming at Bonaventure (8:17).

Lil Bona X then reveals his sales pitch to the Atlantic 10 to get the conference tournament to move to the Reilly Center (24:13). Finally, the guys get you ready for a somewhat surprise game on the road against Duquesne and what Bona's can improve after playing the Dukes a week ago (29:35).

You can also now leave voice messages if you'd like to be on the pod! You can talk about anything, the Bonnies, what you ate for lunch. The more random, the better! Click this link to leave your message:

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