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SBUnfurled and Friends Episode 17: Airing of Grievances About SUNY-Amherst

SBUnfurled and Friends is back after the first two Bonnies games were not only successfully played, but ended in two Bona wins! Lil Bona X and SBUnfurled have a complete breakdown of the Bonnies' wins over Akron and Hofstra (2:42). They also talk about what it felt like watching the first Reilly Center basketball game without fans (20:17).

The guys the shift to the final (?) game of the nonconference schedule against the SUNY-Amherst Bulls (20:17). They give you a preview of how the Bonnies match up with them and debate if this has become a rivalry (26:01). Finally, we take your questions about the growth of some of the new players on the team (40:44).

Below is the SoundCloud link to the podcast. Be sure to also follow us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and TuneIn.


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