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SBUnfurled and Friends Episode 11: Shoon's Secret Stuff

If you would like to read the stories about the 1961 Bonnies team that we shared during the cold open, you can click here.

SBUnfurled and Friends is back with someone who needs no introduction, Bonnies center Osun Osunniyi! We start off by breaking down the awesome 2021 Charleston Classic that SBU will play in (2:34).

Osun joins us to talk about how he has developed his game since the coronavirus lockdowns and what it was like to have the Atlantic 10 tournament canceled hours before SBU's first game (8:16). He also discusses why he chose Bonaventure and how he's joined by players from his prep school of Putnam Science Academy (16:07).

Osun also shares his feelings in the wake of the George Floyd protests (21:13), as well as what he learned from meeting the 1970 Final Four team. Finally, he talks about what it's like living at Bona's, which player messes with coach Schmidt the most and what he learns from Schmidt (29:03).

SBUnfurled also breaks down the coronavirus changes to The Basketball Tournament and the Bona alumni team's chances of making the field (36:32). We also announce how you can see Bonnies teams from several different eras compete against each other this summer (51:19).

Below is the SoundCloud link to the podcast. Be sure to also follow us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and TuneIn.


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