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Gannonfest 2019: Irrational Bonnies Fans Oppose Playing Gannon

We have reached day 3 of Gannonfest 2019, folks. In case you missed it, we've talked about the city that unfortunately cannot evict Gannon and how Gannon may or may not be part of an international crime syndicate led by Jon Rothstein.

Now that the Bonnies have gotten through the trap game of lowly Hofstra and Bubba Gary danced his way back into our hearts as 100 years of Bona greats were honored, the second century of Bonaventure basketball begins with a highly anticipated matchup.

tfw it's the week of the Gannon game

On Saturday, December 14, 2019 AD, the Gannon Golden Knights will arrive inside the Reilly Center as heavy favorites against a scrappy Bonnies squad. For those unaware, Bona's decided to schedule its final open non-conference game with Division II Gannon.

One poster actually demanded Gannon 2 weeks before the schedule came out.

When the schedule came out in August, one sect of Bonnies fans grabbed their forks and pitch-torches.

The initial reviews weren't good about the Gannon move.
Fraudulent accusations of lewd misconduct were made.
You think playing a D2 school is bad? Try playing D11, which I'm pretty sure is basically modified basketball...

For full transparency, even I, your humble neighborhood Twitter troll, was skeptical at first.

However, after going to the monitor, I became convinced that playing Gannon is harmless fun, until Schmidt inevitably decides to play Osun 35 minutes in a 50-point blowout...

Even after my good online friend SBUnfurled created the A10 rosters, I unlocked a Gannon roster with every player rated 99 overall in every category.

Enough of me smelling my own tweets. Where others see tragedy, some of us see opportunity. Sure, playing Gannon does nothing for our NET ranking or resume or the idea of getting more than 3,000 fans to the RC, but it's about more than that. It's about our history of smacking around some regional no-name school on our way to a Final Four. And if there's one thing I learned from former UN ambassador Nikki Haley, it's about heritage, not hate, folks.

This is a game many of us whippersnappers who use Twitter way more than the Bandwagon have been eager to see for more than 3 months. The online hype around this game has reached a palpable buzz well before the week of the game, as chronicled by A10 Talk, an account that is literally never wrong about anything.

One UMass fan even thought we actually made up Gannon.

All of us who have been very dismissive of Gannon are very short-sighted. In fact, these feelings have been reciprocated by Golden Knights fans. Next up on Gannonfest 2019, I'll show you the Gannon version of the Bandwagon that I found through extensive research.


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