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Episode 19: Are You Afraid of the Bonnies?

SBUnfurled and Friends is back after a week full of mayhem on and off the court. Lil Bona X and SBUnfurled break down the Holmes and Adaway show that was the Bonnies win over St. Joe's that was played at an awkward time (3:14). Then, George Washington superfan Ryan Puleo joins the guys to explain himself as to why the Colonials only took a 48-hour pause to cancel their trip to Olean (10:26). He also talks about who has the most mayhem in the Atlantic 10 and why GW's head coach has unusual PPE.

The guys also get you ready for the Fordham and Duquesne games this week after those two played a very bad game against each other over the weekend (18:21). Finally, with the NFL showing a playoff game on Nickelodeon, they talk about what A10 basketball would look like on Nick (32:07). This is especially for the 90s kids, as they also talk about who in the A10 reminds them of Nick characters.

You can also now leave voice messages if you'd like to be on the pod! You can talk about anything, the Bonnies, what you ate for lunch. The more random, the better! Click this link to leave your message:

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