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Episode 12: Joe Lunardi Enters the Bona Bubble

SBUnfurled and Friends is back from summer vacation/quarantine/unrest/whatever you want to call it and ready for the 2020-21 Bonnies basketball season! We are joined by Joe Lunardi, a St. Joseph's Hawk who invented Bracketology.

SBUnfurled and Lil Bona X discuss the limited hints of what the Bonnies' schedule will look like (2:29). We also answer some fan questions about yetis and conspiracy theories. (7:55)

Joe Lunardi joins us to talk about the infamous 2016 snub and OUAnon (12:19). Lunardi also discusses what scheduling, seeding and tournament resumes will look like during a pandemic-altered season (20:54). Lunardi also talks about new NCAA transfer rules, his most memorable trip to the Reilly Center, golfing with Mark Schmidt and his outlook for the Bonnies this season (26:34).

The guys then talk about which Bonnies would make the best WWE characters (46:00). Finally, some inside information into what the SBU depth chart could look like on opening night (49:26).

Below is the SoundCloud link to the podcast. Be sure to also follow us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and TuneIn.


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