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Bonnies Host Fordham at the Reilly Center on Rose Hill

The bad news is the Bonnies have lost 3 straight games and a possible tiebreaker to Rhode Island. The good news is the last time Bona's lost 3 straight games, we won 8 of the next 9.

Whoever made our A10 schedule really must have had 8 too many Yuenglings at 3rd Base the day they made it. After a difficult stretch against 3 of the preseason top 4 (as well known, without Osun), we now play 3 teams we already beat, all at home. The first one is actually at our second NYC home in The Bronx.

You know how I feel about these football schools trying to also be good at basketball. Well, ok, Fordham's not trying to be good at basketball, but you get my point. FU absolutely stands for Football University. Football is king at Rose Hill.

Did you know that the Maroon Rams have more Sugar Bowl wins than A10 men's basketball championships? Former SBU women's basketball coach Jim Crowley actually went back in time to lead Fordham to a victory in the 1942 Sugar Bowl. Fordham won 2-0, while completing zero passes. That's still somehow a nicer achievement than anything the Jets have done since 1969.

Still a better offense than whatever Fordham basketball is doing this year.

It's about time, though, that we address the dementia-riddled elephant in the room that definitely does forget: Fordham's number one not-alum, Donald Jabroni Trump. I didn't say much in the last preview, so you all owe me. I could go on about how he's the only person from an A10 school to ever be impeached, how he's a cancer ripping apart the fabric of American society, how he treats democracy like how a freshman treats a bathroom at Slaughter, how he enables the dumbest 37% of the U.S., how he's addicted to amphetamines (and possibly harder stuff), how his son-in-law Fake Matt McCall put together a Middle East peace plan worse than whatever plan Fordham's athletic department has, and how he can't name more than 7 state capitals, but I won't. For the sake of this preview (and any MAGA chuds who didn't close the tab at the start of this paragraph), we'll only stick to the two years that Il Duce Dell'obesità spent at Fordham.

Before literally graduating on to housing discrimination against African-Americans, classmates said in a Fordham newspaper that the Nuclear Football Nincompoop complained too many Italians and Irish students were at Fordham. In that story, a former student said, in typical loser fashion, "I never expected anyone from Fordham to become president." The Clown who went to this Clown College also was a loner who refused to split a 25-cent toll. He also played on the FU squash team, the closest his fat ass has been to a vegetable in 60 years.

Can you tell which one of these grinning freaks almost started World War III?

The Supreme Leader of Simpletons actually took classes at Fordham on Islam and logic, two things he's already tried to ban in his first term. He didn't want to go to Rose Hill in the first place. It was his safety school after he got rejected from USC, where he wanted to be roommates with OJ. Mr. Small Loan of $1 Million then had daddy call a friend in admissions at Penn to get him into the school he actually brags about. It's unclear what Herr Hamberder had in his transcripts at FU, but it's probably not very impressive. Former lawyer and current Otisville Correctional inmate Michael Cohen threatened Fordham a few years ago and said not to release Trump's grades. Threatening Fordham is like picking a fight with a snowman in April.

lol at the last line of this letter

Fordham does have alumni that didn't need daddy to bail them out after a subpar freshman and sophomore year. Keeping with the original theme of FU being a football school, Vince Lombardi went there, but he clearly learned how to win as a coach long after his time in BX. Governor Andrew Cuomo got his Bachelor's at Fordham and his brother Chris got his law degree there. I'm sure if Trump was there at the same time as them, he would have called both of them Fr*dos. David Copperfield didn't graduate, but he went there for a few weeks in 1975. Fordham has only made the NCAA Tournament once since then, so I guess his easiest magic trick was making the basketball program disappear.

Seven Steps to Victory

  1. Osun, come back, pleeeeeeeeeeeease???

  2. Mark Schmidt needs to wear a John Bolton mustache to take down more people from Fordham.

  3. Fordham has actually won one A10 game and they're ahead of St. Joe's in the standings, so the Rams have to lose to us because they're currently too high.

  4. This game will be played in AOC's district and the Bonnies will literally shoot the lights out as part of the Green New Deal.

  5. Hey New York, when you have five boroughs, you really don't have one, folks.

  6. If we aren't winning by at least 6 points at halftime, I'll have to break out the rally Andy Womack graphic.

  7. I really don't know what to do with myself if we lose to fucking Fordham for our 4th straight loss...

BonaCommenter's Score on #a102k20: Bona's 81, Fordham 77

Unrealistic 2k Stat of the Game: Osun (did I mention I want him to be all better and come back?) had 6 assists, more than anyone on Fordham.

Bonnies Forum Quote of the Day: "Fordham is one of the places I struggle to see as a true road game because so many NYC Bonnies show up for the Rose Hill game each year. Davidson and GW being the other away sites that Bonnies normally have a great turnout for."

Fordham Message Board Quote of the Day: [in a thread about salvaging the men's basketball program] "We're a bigger school than Gonzaga with a better academic reputation, more money and a NYC location. There's no reason we can't do the same thing."

You got one thing right. 200 years from now, Fordham will still have the same amount of A10 championships as Gonzaga: zero.


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