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Bona's Hosts Duquesne to Virtually Clinch A10 Double Bye and F'real Cup

Despite the haters trying to argue that we somehow have only beaten A10 teams that start 4 players, the Bonnies picked up a signature conference win against the Itsy Bitsy Richmond Spiders. It was the perfect punctuation to a very successful 80s Weekend. The Skellar was actually packed pregame, the RC scoreboards had some 80s-style graphics and SBU coach Marky Mark and his funky bunch rolled UR coach Rick Astley's squad.

Wait, Marky Mark is a 1991 reference. Screw it, we're keeping it, Wikipedia says the band formed in '89.

An 80's adjacent reference?

The Richmond game was weird, but in a good way. As Unfurled and I talked about on the Hey10Minutes mini-podcast created by By George, this was an oddly comfortable win for 39 minutes. We closed out on three-point shooters. We forced Blake Francis into an inefficient 22 points. Grant Golden looked more lost along the baseline than a Fordham fan on Thursday at A10s.

There was a final minute of absolute nonsense, however. Bona's was up Nice-59, a 10-point lead with 50 seconds left, and people were leaving from the reds (have you EVER seen us play, why would you leave early?!?). Richmond decided to actually start making 3s and Boca Bobby was called for a phantom flagrant foul. I couldn't see what exactly happened live, therefore it didn't happen. However, Jaren English and Dominick Welch knocked down clutch free throws to preserve the win.

Now, it's time for round 2 of the F'real Cup, when Duquesne comes to the Reilly Center. When we last faced our fraudulent foes, The Good Guys kept the DUQes far enough away, countering after guys like Tavian Doug-Martin made ridiculous threes. It was capped off by an incredibly clutch three by Kyle Lofton, the real man on the Moon that day, folks.

One small step for Lofton, one giant leap for Bonniekind.

You may be interested to know that the team the Bonnies have played the most in history isn't Canisius. It's not Niagara. It's Duquesne. Bona's has played them 118 times. We're 63-55 against them, now winning 8 straight. Duquesne fans, at this point, just expect to somehow blow the game against us. It's not like we always blow them out, but I think it's about time that the Dukes just tip their hat and call the Bonnies their daddy.

Duquesne is named after Michel-Ange Du Quesne de Menneville. In 1755, this total narcissist named Fort Duquesne after himself, just a mile away from what would one day be the home arena of the 2017 Atlantic 10 Championship. Just 3 years later, Duquesne's defense fell apart and the British, led by a pre-Revolution George Washington, took it over. That's surprising, since it usually only takes 3 A10 games for Duquesne's defense fall apart.

To this day, it's still a more intimidating place than the Palumbo Center.

More than 260 years later, the Failure Along Forbes Avenue still pays tribute to its loser namesake by choking when it matters most. The last time out, they, very predictably, blew a halftime lead at Dayton. Before that, George Washington crushed them on the shores of the Monongahela once again. This team is playing themselves way away from double bye contention and a win on Wednesday will put a nail in the coffin that is that program.

One of the most famous people to ever go to Duquesne is Werner Herzog, a German filmmaker, which is an occupation that has never been used for evil purposes, folks. He got a scholarship to go there, but after a few days, it was so bad, he literally fled the country. It turned out to be a good move for him. He'd go on to be a successful director I've vaguely heard of, making movies I'll never see like "Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans" and "Salt and Fire."

I guess he's in The Mandalorian too, for you Star Wars people. #impeachbabyyoda

Seven Steps to Victory

  1. Ban Pure Leaf Iced Tea from the Reilly Center. It's "Michael's Secret Stuff" for coach Keith Tortelli-Dambrot.

  2. Duquesne almost lost to Fordham twice, while Bonaventure almost lost to them only once!

  3. I will sincerely carry anyone out of the RC who thinks that Sincere Carry is better than Lofton.

  4. Ben Roethlisberger was seen throwing a football, after looking like he ate nothing but gorilla burgers from Randy's Up the River for 8 months.

  5. This is the seed I want Duquesne to get if the Bonnies are the 4 seed.

  6. This is the seed I want Duquesne to get if the Bonnies are the 3 seed.

  7. This game will DEFINITIVELY prove if either the Bonnies or Dukes are for real... unless they meet again in Brooklyn.

BonaCommenter's Score on #a102k20: Bonnies 79, DUQes 60

Unrealistic 2k Stat of the Game: Ikpeze double-double because of Osun foul trouble.

Bonnies Forum Quote of the Day: "Bobby's elbows are way better than Brockington's."

Duquesne Message Board Quote of the Day: [after the game at RMU] "Coach Dambrot got Bilichicked by Coach Schmidt. Schmidt took our best player out of game Weathers. Very Bilicheck like. Coach Dambrot keep it up . Clearly apparent our guards have High School bodies. Hire a strengthening coach Dave. Bonnie's guards pissed over our guards. All Sophomores. Bonnie’s don’t even have a footballl program. Weak physically = loser program."

We're 40 minutes away from virtually assuring this loser Dukes program misses out on the double bye yet again.


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